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Varga-Márfy Kft. Deals with hygienic products, mattress and ergonomy mats, aluminum profile profiles, ergonomic carpets manufacturing and distributing and digital printing since 1997.

Digitaler UV-Printing

NOTRAX(USA): outdoor and indoor dust conrtol mats, anti slip stripes, anti-fatigue, safety mats, dust control mats and sheating.

Hygienic products: Toilet hygiene products: Paper towel dispensers. Cotton wicker dispensers. Liquid soap dispensers. Toilet hygiene.
Toilet paper dispensers. Paper collection holes. Room perfume equipment. Toilet seat disinfecting machine.
Female waste collector.

EMCO carpets - exterior and interior with aluprofill, indoors with rubber bottom, unicolor or carpet mats

NOTRAX industrial and ergonomic rugs are characterized by:
It is permanently non-slip. Reducing fatigue. Easy to clean and maintain. Provides a clean, hygienic and secure environment. It has thermal sound and vibration insulation properties.
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